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You are single and looking for the right Tinder alternative – a dating app that is best free, fun and has great women.

I understand well the reason you want to “cheat” on Tinder, my friend hook up sites. Who wants to eat Hawaiian pizza every day? Just!

Whatever is on your mind: In this review, I’ll show you the 14 best alternatives to Tinder, most of which you can use for free on Android smartphones or iOS / iPhone.

By “alternative” I don’t mean badly made Tinder clones (because then you could stick with the original), but apps that actually pursue a new and fresh dating principle …

With one of these 14 platforms you too can maybe get to know and date the women who really suit you:

Tired of the superficial swiping on Tinder only appearance counts and looking for an alternative with depth? Then maybe you are in good hands with Candidate and Willow.

Flirting on these dating apps works a bit like the good old TV show “Herzblatt” or like a classic blind date if you are looking for love for life:

The users answer each other’s own questions, for example about hobbies, favorite foods and other preferences.

“Learn The Amazing Dating Secrets Feminists Want BANNED…”

“Most guys rely on their LUCK to meet women because they don’t know what to do. But here’s the truth: dating is very learnable. If you take the time to read these free dating tips, your chance of scoring with beautiful women will improve – dramatically!”

-Marius Panzarella, author of “The Pick Up Guide”

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Inside, you will learn:

  • How to overcome your shyness and become more confident around women.

  • How to approach truly beautiful women – without getting rejected!

  • The secrets about attraction you MUST know before you can become successful with women.

  • What women REALLY want…(It’s not what you think!)

  • How to use body language to keep a woman interested in you.

  • And much, much more…

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